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Does this sound familiar... ?

  • You want to prioritize marketing, but you struggle to be consistent and don’t want to burn out

  • You keep second-guessing yourself & are unsure of what to say online to generate interest in your services (without sounding sales-y)


  • You’ve started an Instagram & asked for referrals but you are hearing CRICKETS…

  • You don’t know the daily activities that will help you grow your business

You spent years in school to get the credentials but, YOU HAVE NO CLIENTS!

Sorry, whaaat? πŸ€”πŸ€”


And you don't even know where to start or what to do! 

You went to school for health / nutrition / wellness, not marketing. It's okay.

But isn't it about time that you not only had consistent bookings but also a waitlist of eager potential clients willing to pay top dollar for your expertise?

Heck Yes!!

The only reason you’re in this situation is because nobody taught you about business or marketing!

… And Instagram 101 was definitely not a required class in your program. 

(it has nothing to do with you being “good enough”... cus you are)

But, I got you!

I can teach you ALL OF THAT and more. πŸ˜

You have already done the hard work of going to school and getting those credentials. Marketing should not be the reason you’re not doing what you love! (aka helping others ❀️)

Let me help you.

I have a background in Health Sciences (MSc.) and I know they didn’t teach you the essential business lessons to turn your passion for helping others into A WILDLY PROFITABLE BUSINESS!

Trust me because I’ve been there trying to piece together all of those Youtube videos and Internet Guru advice. It’s not simple. In fact, it can be overwhelming! πŸ˜«

& Honestly, there is so much misinformation in the online world that does not cater to healthcare professionals. This industry is nuanced and you need someone who gets it!

For instance, I know first-hand that your professional college has some specific advertising limitations that you can lose your license over! πŸ‘€

Give me the goods! β†’

For: naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, dieticians, health coaches, RMTs, psychotherapists, medical aestheticians, beauticians, functional doctors, and wellness entrepreneurs.


An 8-week high-touch program for health pro's who want to learn how to market themselves and grow their business online. πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ


Here's everything that's included:

Module #1: Brand Your Business

Your business has a brand regardless. The question is whether you’ve created it in your favour.

βœ… Design a gorgeous visual brand so your online presence is cohesive, aesthetic and converts visitors to followers

βœ… Write authentic and persuasive messaging so that you can connect with your audience & get them to take action

βœ… Achieve total clarity around how you will show up online so that you can boost your confidence and attract more of the right people to your business

Module #2: Get Clients on Instagram

IG is one of the best ways to grow an audience of raving fans on the internet… FOR FREE.

βœ… How to come up with content ideas that activate engagement AND lead to sales

βœ… Actionable tips to implement ASAP to help your content perform better than ever

βœ… How to save hours and get better results by planning and scheduling content in bulk (so that you can spend more time doing what lights your heart on fire, or you know, work with more peeps $$$)

Module #3: Grow Your Email List

Nurture your audience by sending them well-timed and value-packed love bombs right to their inbox. They’ll love it. I promise.

βœ… Create your first “lead magnet” so you can generate leads for your business while you self-care it up

βœ… How to use email automation to keep your leads warm until they are ready to work with you (+ how to sell them on your services!)

βœ… The key to writing emails people LOVE to get!

Module #4: Launch Your Website

Your business’ digital office. I’ll show you how to DIY a strong website that leads to more bookings.

βœ… Use my fill-in-the-blanks guide to make writing your website copy as easy as GF-pie

βœ… How to get your website found in Google + come up in local searches

βœ… Plus, my design tricks + mobile optimization hacks to make your website look designer-grade without the price tag!

Not only will you learn ALL OF THAT, you will also get access to these incredible bonuses!

Bonus Module:
Business Foundations

(Value $997)

Get instant access to my crash course in online business where you’ll learn how to come up with offers people LOVE & get your necessary tech set up.

Bonus Calls:
2x 1:1 Calls with Katie!

(Value $597)

→ I have NEVER done this before! I will be offering each student 2x 30-minute calls with me throughout the course. These calls will be unlocked after the completion of modules 1+3!

Bonus Lesson: 
Supercharge Your Sales

(Value $497)

→ After completing modules 1-4, unlock this incredibly value-packed bonus lesson, where I’m rounding up my top sales strategies to help you make MORE feel-good sales on the internet.

What's Included...

No matter how you choose to pay!

✨  On-demand access to the HMA curriculum for 1 year

✨ 8 x weekly group coaching calls

✨ Marketing Templates! (brand board, social posts, emails, + more!)

✨ Homework checks….get feedback from me & your TA

✨ HMA Workbook (Fill out digitally or print it out!)

πŸš€ BONUS: 2 x 1:1 Calls with Katie 

*unlocked after completion of modules 1 and 3.

One Time Payment


✨ Save $300 if you PIF! ✨

I want to save $300! πŸ€‘

Payment Plan #1


For the next 6 months

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Payment Plan #2


For the next 12 months

I want that 12 month plan πŸ”₯

*Prices are in USD

Check out this preview from HMA!

…in this lesson I'm introducing you to Holistic Marketing and what we are going to accomplish together by the end of this program! 


What past students have to say...

"Katie created an incredible program that helps guide and inspire wellpreneurs. Even if they know what they 'should' be doing, this program really helps you put the teachings, whether new concepts or review, into practice.

Katie really sets you up for inspired action with confidence that you can apply to your marketing. Highly recommend!"

"I feel like my life has just taken off since HMA so I barely remember what it was like to run my business before…

I just remember blurry chaos, confusion, and self-doubt.

I learned the basic formulas to spend less time wondering and more time actually doing...

By the end of this program, you will…

✨ Grow your audience with real people

✨ Turn your followers into clients every month

✨ Have a simple blueprint to grow your business month over month 

… all without 10K followers or a social media manager! 

I’m Ready to Grow Online! Sign Me Up! β†’

This is for you IF...

βœ… If you have a health business or want to start one ASAP

βœ… You’re struggling to get clients online

βœ… You see your peers crushing it online and wonder if you have what it takes

βœ… You knowww that online marketing works but, you wish you had a clear plan of action


This is not for you IF...

❌ You don’t wanna show up online

❌ If you’re not ready to put in the work

❌ If you don’t have (or want) a service-based business

So… what’s next?! 

Once you check out, you’ll get an email confirming your spot in the upcoming semester of HMA + get instant access to the first module. πŸ’»

Then, we’ll meet once per week (on Zoom) for 8 weeks so I can answer all of your questions + make sure you’re fully supported. No question is too trivial. πŸ—£οΈ

Next, you’ll implement the holistic marketing method step by step, without the feelings of overwhelm and impending doom. πŸ“

And by the end of our journey, you’ll have a holistic marketing machine that attracts new clients every single month. πŸ“ˆ

Plus, a sense of accomplishment and community after completing this incredible journey! πŸ’ƒ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What past students have to say...

If you want to grow [your business] you need to have these fundamentals down first.

If you can invest in making that foundation rock solid, the rest of your business will feel like flow, feel like ease, and feel like fun.

I 1000% recommend [HMA] time and time again!"

My overall experience was nothing short of incredible. Looking back at myself a year ago vs now, is a massive transformation that I am so proud of. I felt equally supported and challenged.

I would absolutely recommend joining HMA no matter where you are in your business.

"You will come out with growth, confidence and drive. I have so many goals and ideas now. I'm so excited to keep things going now! Thank you for everything."

When you enrol, you commit to growing your audience, attracting more clients, and becoming a confident (and competent) online marketer ✨


IF, (after giving it your fullest effort) for the first 21 days, you’re not experiencing more growth, more confidence, and optimism about new clients, we’ll hit return on your money and undo this whole thing.


Still not sure if this is right for you? Book a free call here, but spots are limited!